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Joyful Noises

Joyful Noises is our preparatory choir for children in Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. Most people currently involved in music ministry are there because of their early musical experiences – Joyful Noises is our conscious effort to ensure the future of Church Music, as well as engage with enthusiasm the voices of our youthful ministers of today!

This is an immensely popular choir program with close to 50 members every year. Through games and fun activities the kids learn the basics of corporate group activity, singing, matching pitch and rhythm, following directions, and being part of a music ministry. Everything at this stage is taught by rote – the kids are not given sheet music until they are in Heavenly Voices (Grades 3-5).

There are no auditions for Joyful Noises and kids may join at any time. They sing at a Mass or other event about once every 6 weeks. They will often sing WITH one of the adult groups as they often do not have time to learn all the music for a whole Mass. Joyful Noises is a very energetic group of young people and the K-2 set look forward to it with great anticipation every year!

Children who attend school at St. Margaret Mary are escorted over to choir directly after classes by parent volunteers.