a-clwYou may have seen our young children parading out of 4:30 Mass on Saturdays. They are going to participate in ‘Children’s Liturgy Of The Word’ in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, where they will experience the same scriptures we do in the ‘big church’ but at their own level of understanding.

This ministry is carried out by a cadre of dedicated volunteers who plan how the service will take place and how he or she will help the kids understand the main themes of the scriptures. The volunteers are given resource materials to work with and quite a bit of latitude as to how they will ‘enflesh’ the Word of God; but with the understanding that this is not a class, but an experience of liturgical worship.

Two people are scheduled at a time and share the responsibilities. As with all ministries involving contact with minors, all volunteers MUST agree to a police background check and attend a ‘Protecting God’s Children’ training session.