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To be an Altar Server, you must be a boy or girl at least in 5th Grade, and have received the Sacraments of Baptism and First Communion. Altar service is a very important and ancient ministry in the Church. Our Sunday Masses could not go as smoothly if Altar Servers were not there to take care of the practical needs of the Mass and be of assistance to the priest.

Altar Servers must attend both initial and monthly training. They are also scheduled on the Main Liturgy Schedule (above). If they cannot minister at their appointed time, they must find a substitute (see the “Substitutes” link above for spreadsheet of fellow Altar Servers who may serve as a replacement).

If you would like to become an Altar Server, please contact
the Parish Office at (847) 658-7625.

Our Altar Servers with Leaders: Father Daniel and Dee Gard

Elite and Master Server Teams coordinate and lead training meetings throughout the year.

Altar Servers training meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM in the Church.

Altar Servers are scheduled on the main ministry schedule. If they cannot minister at their appointed time they must find a substitute. The following is a quick reference of terms and a training manual exclusively for Altar Servers at St. Margaret Mary Parish.

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Download Altar Server Quick Reference of Terms PDF

Download Altar Server Training Manual PDF

Download Altar Server Registration Form

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Altar Server Training

Altar Server Ranks

Ranks and promotions are not given by age or grade of the Server candidate, but are earned through diligent effort, active participation, evidentiary support of assistance to others and solid performance – not only during the school year, but additionally throughout the summer months.

Download Altar Server Ranks PDF


Our Elite Altar Servers

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